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About #JoeBuchanArt "#yourfavoriteartist"
      My story is simple. I thank God through Jesus Christ who blessed me with this gift of painting. I started early using crayons and pencils to complete family portraits for my mom after school when I didn't have homework. I stopped doing art for a while through middle school because the struggles of growing up in Detroit would often leave ugly images in my head. Once I got to college it was Professor Arthur Roland who taught me how to see beauty in it all. I began painting more and for 10 hours a day locking myself away from the world to work on my skills. To this day everything that I earn is through my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, hard work, and you(the people) believing in me. Thank you much for stopping by. Enjoy the art!

Dunedin fine art november 2021.JPG
Uptown Naples fine artshow nov 2021.jpg
Me and mamba strikes again.JPG