Raise Breast Cancer Awareness painting


     Here is the well received Breast Cancer artwork I have completed in aid to research an cure to Breast Cancer. In this painting notice how the fingers spell out "Raise Awareness." This is a 1 of a kind piece and can only be purchased here. I have set up a partnership with Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute to sell this artwork and donate proceeds to research and cure efforts. I am so excited about this and we have raised over $1200 thus far. Join us and pick up this print for only $200 in the state of Michigan. Out of state I will ship the print anywhere in the US for $30 more. Tshirts are available for $40(seen below) and shipping prices may be discussed. For t-shirt order please email me color) white or black) with size to joebuchan1@gmail.com Me and the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer institute appreciate you and your efforts to help. This is an original artwork created by me. I can also be reached by phone 3135874183