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Adam & Eve: Curse of Man oil painting.

This artwork I must say is my best work to date. I came up with the concept to use 2 different canvases and attach them together when the project was complete. This meant that I had to paint them working into each other and make sure that they match once I screwed them together. This piece took me 3 years to complete. I began in 2012 and finished in March 2015. What took so long was that God was elevating my knowledge, opening my spiritual eyes, and blessing me with insight on the creation and downfall of man in the book of Genesis. OUt of being deceived by satan, man was kicked out of Heaven having to work for his earnings and women had to endure childbearing pains which included a monthly cycle. May you enjoy this painting and may it bring you to a place of understanding why God always gets the glory. Prints are available now for $150 in MI. Out of state is $30 for shipping. Tshirts are available for $22 ea. Paypal, debit, and credit are accepted.  

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